Updating your home for the new year

Updating your home for the new year

The arrival of a new year is a good reason to refresh your home.

And according to Sharon Fihrer, co-founder of iconic Johannesburg design company Head Interiors, you needn’t go as far as ripping out the carpets to up the glamour for 2016.
“In the stressful world we live in now, it is the little things which create glamour and luxury,” explains Sharon.

The scent of a lit candle and fresh flowers infuse glamour into a room “and can turn an ordinary house into a happy and nurturing one”.

In the same vein, you can elegantly and effectively update your space by paying close attention to the finer details.


Tip 1: Scatter with scale

“A simple and cost effective way to bring the room alive and ramp up the glamour is by adding a couple of scatter cushions that are the right scale,” explains Sharon singling out cushions which are 700mm x 700mm as the ideal proportion to look for. In a monochrome space, for instance, the warmth brought in by cushions and similarly hued accessories “gives the room a sophisticated and glamorous feel, without compromising comfort,’ explains Sharon.


Tip 2: Create a cluster of different shapes and textures

“Building a tableaux by clustering objets in different heights and textures is a good way of adding interest to the room,” she says. “And elevating the setting by placing the items on a Perspex or reflective mirror base oozes glamour and sophistication.”


Tip 3: Layer throws in contrasting colours to add depth and dimension

“Draping a plush throw in a vibrant colour immediately updates your living room,” advises Sharon. “And by layering two throws in contrasting colours and textures, that impact is heightened.” You can emphasise the effect even more by adding groups of accessories in similar hues, such as the Henry Dean glass vases which complement the red and burnt orange Italian throws (pictured).