Setting up your Home Office in the New Normal

Setting up your Home Office in the New Normal

As we adapt to an ever-changing world, businesses need to adapt to more remote working environments and opportunities. So too, our homes have to evolve into more customary working spaces.

The importance of design and cognitive wellness in the home working environment must not be underestimated;
it is an extension of the successful functioning of the corporate office space.

A well setup space gives you the assurance and ability to perform at your best and removes stresses associated with this adjustment to working away from the office. It promotes work efficiency as well as maintaining a healthy work culture.

A few practical tips to put this into practice:

1. Plan the space

The key to a well-functioning office work environment starts with good planning and considerations for the task at hand within the space available. The infrastructure and ease of access to power sources must be considered.

2. Set up for good light

Positioning for both natural daylight and good task lighting (i.e. desk lamps & standing lamps) are crucial.

3. Privacy & sound control

Different tasks require different degrees of privacy to focus, such as the ability to connect via video calls to other team members or clients without other interference. It is therefore important to control the space with screens or to shut it off from other areas in the home.

4. Technology setup

As we are largely dependent on technology for communication and staying in touch, it is important to utilise and consider the correct accessories and furniture to ensure optimal positions for cameras, sound equipment, printers, storage and the like.

5. Ergonomics and posture

This is a very important component as we will be spending more time at the home office. When considering seating, a good ergonomic chair improves cognitive performance, productivity and focus.

6. Treat yourself

If space permits, an occasional chair, in addition, can add variety and choice in how we use the space and provide different postures for relaxation.

7. Consideration for aesthetics

Studies have proven that a structured and organised space inspires creativity and motivation. Colours, finishes and accessories can complement this working from home experience.

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