Travel Doctor


As a business focusing on tailored health services for business travellers, expatriates and remotely deployed personnel, Travel Doctor Corporate wanted to relocate their business from Northcliff to Rosebank in order to be closer to the business hub and their corporate clients.


The corporate travel health solutions company has a small team of doctors and a radiologist who operate from the health practice to provide a range of services for business and recreational travellers.


Through the nature of their business, the client also travels a lot throughout southern Africa, Africa and across the world and it was important for them to have an office which relates to the traveller in general.


As the client also has an affinity for Africa and its roots, it was necessary to portray this through the office interiors and design.


8th floor, Rosebank Fire Station, 16 Baker Street, Rosebank, Johannesburg


12 weeks


April 2018


300m² consisting of a reception/waiting area, dedicated toilet facilities, X-ray facility, three doctors’ rooms, two nurses’ rooms, open plan office for managing and administration staff, kitchenette and boardroom.