Our Process

The Head Interiors ten point corporate design process*


We don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach when it comes to design, and that is why research forms the backbone of our work. Using tools including interviews and questionnaires, we collate the essential data in order to develop a full understanding of your current company culture, process, operations and future requirements.


Pinpointing exactly how much space you need is something we take very seriously at Head Interiors. We conduct a desktop study to indicate how much work space your staff need, what your meeting room, storage, filing and other facility needs are – and if you have any other special space requirements.


All information we’ve gathered is carefully collated, documented, recorded and interrogated.

Concept development

Developing our design solution from all the information we have thoroughly collected and analysed, we tap into our decades of expertise and unparralelled access to global space trends intelligence to create conceptual floor plans showing ideal space use and reflecting new and more efficient ways of working.


The proposed Space Planning solution which we then present to our clients in an interactive workshop is detailed and extensive, including coloured floor plans and 3D renderings, if applicable.

The Workplace Standard

Once you’ve approved our space planning solution, we then hone in on the key elements to transform your corporate environment. The Workplace Standard, for instance, is our blueprint of what each workstation will contain from an operational and filing perspective. We also engage other professionals to ensure that adequate provisions are made for lighting, electrical, air-conditioning and Audio Visual


Fleshing out the design concept to incorporate all interior design items and elements now follows. A full colour palette, fabric library and details like floor and wall finishes and specifications, interior lighting, electrical (and all other elements covered in point 7, above) are now designed and specified. In short, this is a complete set of construction documentation.


On client approval of all specification details, Head Interiors assists with all procurement including managing the tendering/pricing and recommendations process.


With our thorough experience, our clients can attest to how assuring a Head Interiors management installation is. Our team adeptly manages and supervises the entire installation process on your behalf, keeping you up to speed on all developments.


Before you move in, during the Close out phase we thoroughly check every element of your new corporate home including snagging and desnagging. And as important as your keys is the resource we hand over to you – the Head Interiors Practical Completion manual, a fully indexed and referenced bound report incorporating copies of all documentation, statutory approvals and manufacturers’ guarantees.

* This is an abridged version of our process. Our process is tailored according to the individual requirements of our corporate clients