Introducing Head Space,
Head Interiors’ new direct workspace solution

With the need for workspaces to evolve reflecting each company’s ethos and culture, the ’one size fits all’ approach to interior design is no longer relevant.

In fact, the Head Interiors maxim “not all square meters are created equal” is more applicable now than ever before.

As the futurist Jacob Morgan has so eloquently phrased in his book, The Employee Experience Advantage, “The physical space acts as a type of symbol for the organization”.

We believe that this physical space should reflect innovation, fun and collaboration – encouraging staff to feel proud of their office working environments while promoting their wellbeing.

Head Interiors’ new initiative Head Space enables company’s to create these very spaces simply and easily.

Tapping into our extensive network, we will find you an office space which suits your needs and then collaborate with you to transform that space into a unique, optimal working environment.

Head Space draws on Head Interiors’ holistic approach in assessing client requirements:

Evaluating how best to assist with attracting and retaining staff.

Creating an environment which promotes collaboration and creates a sense of community while remaining adaptable, with access to quieter working spaces as the need arises.

Producing resource sensitive spaces, where the cost to company per staff member is equitable and viable for both parties.

Creating collaborative environs is at the heart of Head Space, enabling companies to benefit hugely across three pillars:


Spaces created to encourage knowledge sharing by senior staff.


Employees feel valued, part of a team and treated fairly).


Creating an environment where ideas flow freely and new initiatives are concluded at a more rapid pace, ready for implementation and thereby giving the organization an edge on competitors.

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Craft Homes

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Knightsbridge Development

We are all about finding your space…

For more information on creating cohesive collaborative internal space environments, and to find commercial space to fit that purpose through Head Interiors Head Space, contact

Roxanne Stringfellow on +27 11 325 2700, +27 84 588 0095
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