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Founded by Michael Harrison and Sharon Fihrer, Head Interiors is a renowned interior design consultancy with over 35 years of experience providing a full spectrum of services in interior architecture and design for both corporate and residential clients.

Who we are

Head Interiors is a team of skilled, creative and dedicated professionals who provide a bespoke design service. We handle each client’s requirements on an individual basis regardless of size while delivering highly cost-effective interior solutions.

Recognising that your requirements are diverse, we work closely with you to understand your company culture or your personal lifestyle. These insights guide us in our quest to create a home, office, hotel or commercial environment, which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We also offer a complete turnkey service where the entire project, from concept to completion, is capably handled by us. Over the years, we have formed exceptional partnerships with contractors and suppliers.


In addition to our level 2 B-BBEE certification, Head Interiors is committed to creating opportunities for black-owned business and black entrepreneurs together with our community initiatives.


By assisting and promoting developing entrepreneurs and suppliers, we are helping to generate an empowering environment through broadening the economic base of the country, leading to the creation of more jobs and better-established communities.


We help promote economic transformation through these initiatives and also believe in the power of all businesses jointly playing their part to accomplish one goal: to empower black business.


With design at the heart of what we do, we understand the power of creativity to inspire, stimulate and bring change. That is why we take pride in our outreach program which supports and nurtures the local artists and young designers of tomorrow through a range of initiatives, including a recent widely publicised art exhibition.


Head Interiors is also proud to play an active role in assisting, encouraging and helping students with bursaries, training and ultimately where possible, employment.

Interior design projects start with a concept

It all starts with a concept

At Head Interiors, we see design as the means to create the physical point of view of our client’s DNA. We listen to you, taking meticulous care to understand your philosophy, ethos and direction to provide a tailored solution reflecting who you are.

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Quality is the key to our success

“We are, what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit,”


Luxurious finishes and bespoke detailing in an elegant yet eclectic style is our signature.

We invest in quality in every aspect of what we do from the information we gather to the quality of our management and our people, from the detail and finishes of the products to the design.

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